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A budget trip to Granada

We have recently been to Granada and I LOVED IT! It's such a cute little city with very nice things to see. This was my first time in Granada and I found it so nice -- I will definitely be going back some time soon to discover more of it, but this was our little 1 day 1 night stay budget trip.

Granada is located in the South of Spain and is very easy to access! Actually, before going to Granada, we spent a few days in Malaga, which was beautiful as well, but we did not visit enough for me to recommend things (I will go back to do so though!!). Most people usually land either in Malaga or in Almeria, which are both around a 2 hour drive from Granada (a little less). Although there is an airport in Granada, it is not very well served.

As we are leaving for Australia very soon, we didn't want to spend too much on this trip. We decided to do it based on a tight budget and therefore decided to stay in a hostel. The hostel we stayed at was called AMC apartment monjas del Carmen. We chose a private double room. Although it was super simple, it really had everything you need. They do also have a hotel very close to the hostel if you prefer something a little more fancy ;) They do have an inside parking as well, but you need to reserve in advance! Be careful though, the entry of the parking is super small and only a medium sized car would fit... The best thing about it, was its location. It was located right in the centre of everything, right across the Plaza Nueva. Everything is at walking distance and this is great if you are visiting Granada for a short time. We payed 46 euros for one night. 

Granada is known for its Moorish architecture. I was really amazed by the many little streets with Arabic shops, Arabic music and specialties (shisha, teamrooms...). Start in Calle Calderia and walk around to discover them! Especially when the weather is hot and the sun is shining, the little streets are way cooler.

We then went to visit the older part of Granada. Although a lot of people say the Alhambra is a must to see -- and I am totally agreeing -- unfortunately we did not have enough time to do this. It is really recommended to buy the tickets before hand because they tend to be all sold out. If you forgot to do so, try going on the ticket website at midnight -- this is when the new tickets come online, so you might still get a chance to buy some! IF you do not have time like us to visit inside of the Alhambra though, you can still get a great view of it on the viewpoint the opposite side on the Alhambra -- In the Barrio Albaicin!

This viewpoint also called the "Mirador de San Nicolas" is located right on the top! There is a shuttle that takes you there and back (every 15 minutes), but we decided to walk up. Although it is pretty steep and tiring because of the many steps, on the way you have beautiful little streets and other viewpoints to discover. It took us about 1 hour to walk up but it was definitely worth it! On this viewpoint there are also live performances and nice little cafes to take a drink at. The view is really incredible.  

On your way back, make sure to go visit the "Patio de los Perfumes" located next to the Carrera del Darro -- a beautiful street that follows the Darro river. This is a perfume museum with an interactive side to it. They also have a beautiful patio with many flowers and explanations.

Finally we went to walk around the newer part of the city. This is where all the restaurants, shops and Bib-Rambla are located. Go and visit the second largest Cathedral of Spain, the Cathedral of Granada and the Royal Chapel!

For the best tapas but also the cheapest ones go to the local tapas bar located in calle Navas called Bar Los Diamantes! The concept is super nice: with every drink that you buy, you get free tapas, and they are delicious. For every new glass, you will get a different kind of tapas. We were able to try roasted mushrooms with garlic, fried fish, and calamari! It is a very local place, so it does tend to become very full. As there are only two or three tables, usually people just stand by the bar and enjoy! 

If you are looking for a little more than just tapas, I would recommend going to El Fogòn de Galicia, also located in calle Navas. Although the food is typical from Galicia, (Northwest of Spain) it was really delicious. Try the cold wine served in a porcelain pot!

Finally, I can recommend La Bodega de Antonio, if you want typical food! This is a very good and cheap restaurant. Take the pig looking cups with cold wine!

I hope you will enjoy Granada as much as we did!

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