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Luxembourg, Europa Park and Strasbourg: 3 day Itinerary

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

You only have limited time but you want to combine three fun destinations in one trip? You are on the correct page! This blog post will tell you how to do exactly that!

I personally did this itinerary during mid-May and let me tell you: it was so much fun! Some of my boyfriend's friends came from Spain and wanted to discover as much as they could in three days as they were leaving for other European cities later and this is how we did it! You will need a car to do this itinerary.

Arrive early to Luxembourg if you want to get the most out of it! I personally suggest to do the touristic attractions such as museums and historical sites of Luxembourg in the morning, which is when there will be the least people: Click here to see the blog post about what to do in Luxembourg. Once the main tourist attractions are done, head up to the city center to take lunch (see my favourite places to eat at in Luxembourg here) and take a little tour around town to discover the city. You can park your car at the public underground parking at Place du Théatre: located right in the middle of the city center, where you pay 2€ per hour --or -- Park at the free outdoor parking du Glacis: Located very close to town, you will walk 5 minutes to get to town, 1€/hour but free on the weekends.

Leave at around 4 O'clock from the city of Luxembourg to drive to Rust.This will be a 3 hour drive -- be careful with the speed limits as the majority of the drive is through France -- They are very strict on speed! 

Rust is a little town in Germany, right at the border of France. Located 30 minutes away from Strasbourg, this is where Europa-Park is located. We decided to stay at a cute guest house called Gästehaus Parkblick (Click here for their website) and we were very happy about it. As we were 4 people, we took a room with two double beds as we were aiming for the cheapest option. The room was a duplex, one queen size bed on the main floor, with one bathroom to share, and then there was a little mezzanine with the other mattresses for 2 more people. When you arrive to the place, you will have the guesthouse on your left side, but for the parking you will need to continue 100m and take a right. You will see a big parking space where you can leave your car for free!

Our package in total was 122€ for 4 people (30,5€ per person) and it included: The room for 4 people, breakfast for 4 (which is not fancy but you have everything you need), free parking at the guesthouse AND free parking at Europa-park itself, which usually costs 7€ per day!

Check-in and then go out for diner. We decided to eat at the Pizzeria Restaurant - Trotte Apres Park- as we knew nothing in Rust, we just took the closest restaurant to the guesthouse, and it was pretty good and not expensive!

Wake up early, go take your breakfast, and check out! Don't forget to take your parking ticket, they will give it to you at the reception when you check out. The park opens at 9 am until 6 pm. We wanted to be there right at the opening because the park is big! I really advise you to get there as early as possible. Literally, the parking of the Europa Park was 3 minutes away from the guest house by car -- do not take your parking ticket with you into the park, just leave it in the car, you will only need it when you exit. Now enter the park and have FUN! It's a great park which is separated into different sections themed according to one country in Europe. Follow the map in order to be able to do everything in one day!

If you like big rides, these were my personal favourites not to miss out on:

- Silver Star: for an adrenaline rush! The drop of this ride is amazing, 67 meters -- you can't miss out on it

- Wodan: This is a rollercoaster made up of wood, but don't be fooled, it is fast and gives you great sensations

- Blue Fire: Looping rollercoaster with speed

- Euro-mir: Inside and exterior ride, you feel like you are in space!

- Voletarium: You will literally feel like you are flying. Beautiful visuals!

Try to enjoy some of the shows as well, they are really nice!

There are many little places to eat. Go to the various country themed section in order to have the food you want -- go to Italy for Pizza for example. Food in the park is relatively expensive and personally not my favourite, so bring your lunch if you prefer not to waste too much money.

We left when the park closed. We were a little worried that there was going to be a lot of traffic to get out, but actually not at all. Take your car and drive to Strasbourg! 40 minute drive only.

We chose to book an airbnb in Strasbourg, located right next to the train station. I was a little worried for my car so we let it in an indoor public parking with cameras and security. We went to the Parking Saint Aurélie and paid 20 euros for 24 hours.

We then walked to the Airbnb from there.

Take a night walk through Strasbourg!

We went to eat typical food from Alsace - Spaetzle - in Petite France. It’s not far away from the famous barrage Vauban. Try to go here first so you can enjoy the view of its rooftop!

Finally go to take a walk around the Cathedral - in my opinion the most beautiful one I have seen so far - the lighting is simply amazing at night!

Really just go have a walk through the city! Strasbourg is not that big and you can easily see the big spots in a day!

We started from Petite France again as we really loved this area. We then walked to see:

- Place Kebler: The main square of Strasbourg

- Park l’Orangerie

- Grande ile

- Place Guntenberg

These are the places that we discovered, however there are many more little spots to see - Hope you will enjoy it ✨ Don’t forget to subscribe!




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