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Luxembourg: Food and Nightlife

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Where to go for a nice lunch or a cosy evening? Where to have some drinks, socialise and party? This blog post will focus on exactly that. Although the list is long, this is a list of my favourite places to go in Luxembourg!

If you are on a budget: choose restaurants that include "budget" :)

Restaurants in the City Center:

Typical Luxembourgish Cuisine:

Restaurant Am Tiirmschen: is located right in the city but a little difficult to find as you have to go into a small cave and go up the stairs. This is a great place to eat traditional food of Luxembourg such as Judd mat Gaardebounen (Smoked pork with beans and potatoes), Wäinzoossiss (Wine Sausage), Bouneschlupp (Green bean soup) and my all time favourite -- Gromperekichelcher (potato fritters), which I would definitely advise you to take for a nice lunch. Prices: €€

Pacha: This is a very unique little place in Belair (Very close to the city center -- you can take a direct bus from town). Every day for lunch they have a different meal (often a Luxembourgish speciality) but also meals such as burgers or Caesar salad. This is a great place for a quick lunch of quality food. (This is also a very good place to go at night on the weekend to grab some beers). Price: € budget.

@Pacha Wäinzoossiss

Oberweis: They have a selection of various dishes, but most importantly a large menu for desserts, pastries, and chocolate. Stop by for a coffee and to enjoy something sweet! It is also great for breakfast or brunch. No reservations, just walk in and ask! Price: €€ budget.

Brasserie du Kirchberg: You buy one "Bouchée a la Reine", you get a second one for free! Great Luxembourgish food with an amazing Terrace. Price: €€

Italian Restaurants:

Restaurant Roma: This is an amazing Italian restaurant right in the center of the country. Roma has an great concept of festivals, for example the carpaccio festival or truffle festival in which, in addition to their traditional menu, they offer suggestions based on the festival. Roma is chic restaurant with great wine and very friendly service. The price is higher but definitely worth it. It is a very nice place to have dinner (they have a nice terrace). My personal favourite dish is: Assortiment de pâtes fraîches Maison. Delicious! P.S. Don't forget to reserve, this place is usually full. Price: €€€

Onesto: This is a cheaper Italian also located in the centre of Luxembourg, but also very delicious. They have an inner terrace which is great in the Summer. The pizzas are excellent. This place is great for lunch or for dinner! Price: €€ budget.

Sushi and Asian Savour:

↠ Aka: I would definitely recommend Aka if you are looking to eat sushi. They have a sushi train but this can become quite expensive if you are a big sushi eater. I would recommend, if you are a few people, to take: le plateau du Chef. This is a mixture between warm and cold sushis, it's great! Reserve before going. Price: €€€

Takajo: Little and cosy restaurant in Belair to eat sushi for lunch. They have very good lunch boxes that are very affordable! They do also have a little terrace in case the weather is nice :) Price: €€ budget

Places to grab coffee/breakfast or brunch:

Oberweis: explained above!

Kaale Kaffi: Authentic and pleasant place to take your morning coffee.

Restaurants outside of the City Center:

Italian Restaurants:

Ultimo: My all time favourite restaurant. It is located in Mamer, so you might need a car to go or take a taxi (Unfortunately we do not have Uber in Luxembourg). Ultimo offers delicious pasta, risotto, meat and fresh fish, but most importantly an extensive wine card, although I would recommend trusting the waiters to choose your wine, they know it all. The price definitely is worth the quality offered -- better to reserve before going. Their terrace is also very nice if the weather allows it. €€€


French/European Restaurants:

Table de Frank: If you are a meat lover this is a great place for you. They have delicious dishes and also typical Luxembourgish dishes. Unfortunately they do not have a terrace but the inside of the restaurant is very cosy. It is located in Steinfort (close to the belgian border), so you would need a car to get there. Reserve in advance if you want to go! The waiters are very friendly and you can really have a good laugh with them. Price: €€€


Apdikt: This is also a great place to go if you love fine food and a little Asian touch to European Cuisine. They do not have a menu. Apdikt offers (usually) a 6 dish menu either with wine included or you can decide to take the drinks separate from the menu. The dishes are simply beautiful and so creative, it will literally give you an explosion of flavours. Apdikt is definitely worth it, especially for a special occasion. Let yourself be surprised! You have to reserve in advance! Most of the time they are fully booked for weeks. €€€€

The nightlife in Luxembourg is present mainly on the weekend. Clubs open on Friday and Saturday, whereas bars are usually open from Tuesday to Sunday! Bars tend to stay open until one during the week and until 3 on the weekend. Night clubs, however, are opened until 6 in the morning -- enough time for you to enjoy Luxembourg's nightlife! Most clubs in Luxembourg require you to be 18 -- some even 21! Make sure always to take your ID with you.

Bars for a drink or two or more...

Go ten: They have heated exterior benches, blankets, and a large selection of Gin & Tonics. It gets pretty packed on the weekend and the interior is pretty small. However, if it is cold, they do have heaters outside and enough space for you to enjoy your drinks. They sometimes have a Dj playing there. It is located next to the Duke's palace and many other bars.

Urban: This bar is in the same street as Go Ten. It is usually even more crowded but a great way to meet locals.

Les Rives de Clausen: An old factory changed into a square with many bars and restaurants. This is a place where many Luxembourgish people go to party on the Weekend. (Not my personal favourite but a must see if you come to Luxembourg).

Pacha: See above in the restaurant section.

Dipso: Located in the city center. Great if you are a wine lover!


Gotham: This is my favourite nightclub to go to. A lot of locals go there to party until the morning. The music is usually mainstream music. Make sure to be well dressed as there are bouncers at the entrance :) Age range -- 21-30 --. Located very close to town, you can either go walking or by taking a taxi. It will not be over 10 euros if you are going from town. If you are by car, there is a huge public free parking right next to the nightclub.

M Club: This is a huge nightclub also with mainstream music. The people that go to this nightclub are usually a little younger.

Apoteca: Located right in the middle of the city, next to Urban and Go ten. This is an underground night club. There are various DJs so the music changes :)

Hitch: Located not far from Gotham. Usually packed but has good music to enjoy with friends. They are also a restaurant, so you could eat there before starting to party. They have nice tasty cocktails.

Boos Beach Club: Unfortunately it is not located on a beach.. but, the ambiance does make it feel like you are. Boos café is also a restaurant. Most people go to eat there and then continue the party, however, Boos Café is expensive. Also, it is located outside of the city and you need a car to go or a taxi.

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