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The famous Bondi beach 💕

Bondi beach is one of my favorite places to go around Sydney on a sunny day, and there are so many things you can do around it!

To get to Bondi beach from the center of Sydney is super easy. Go to central station and take the 12mn train to bondi junction. Then from Bondi junction station, look for the signs heading to the bondi beach buses and then simply take the bus to Bondi beach.

I would recommend to stop at the first stop of Bondi beach, the one at the top and walk down to the beach.

1- You can surf 🏄‍♀️! Bondi Beach is known for surfing. You can rent a surf board from the Hire shops right next to the beach or from the opposite side walk shops. They range from 15-20$ an hour. You can also rent a wetsuit! Make sure you check the weather and wind before you go, as the waves aren't always that big.

2- Just chill and tan the beach! Bring your towel and don‘t forget the sunscreen, the sun is strong. The water is there to cool you down though. You can also hire chairs and umbrellas from the Hire shop right by the beach if you prefer some shade.

3- Take a bite! Bondi beach has a wide range of restaurants. Although I have only been a few times, I can definitely recommend the Preacher bar and the Little L.

The preacher bar offers healthy breakfast and lunch options! From poached eggs to pokebreads, to amazing juices, everything there seems to be super delicious! I had the pokecado and it was amazing!

If you like burgers, and more specifically chicken burgers, go to the Little L restaurant for the best ones. Although it is located at the other side of the beach, it is only a 10 minute walk. Take your burger and picnic on the beach! You will love it!

4- Do the coastal walk from Bondi to Tamarama beach. This is if you want to end your day with a small 45 min walk with amazing views 👀

5- If you are looking to do a bigger walk, to the Bondi to Coogee beach walk. It takes approximately 2 hours! Beautiful views guarantee.

6- Party in Bondi!

There are surely many more things to do in Bondi and I will update the list as I go, but these are my favourite things to do.

Love, Jil


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