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Welcome to St. Tropez: Beach and food guide!

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

St. Tropez.. Literally one of my favorite vacation destinations ❣️

Every year around the same time, my family, friends and I gather around St. Tropez and enjoy a fun vacations together. By St. Tropez, I also mean all of the surroundings, which are great to go to. Actually, we stay in La Croix Valmer, a little village located about 20 minutes from St. Tropez itself and 30 minutes from the most known beaches — Pampelonne. This area is a lot of fun, however, if you are unfamiliar with it, it may be hard to find the nice places to go to — so this is a guide of my favorite beach clubs and restaurants to go to around St. Tropew:

- Ponent Plage: is located on the ”plage du débarquement“ in La Croix Valmer. It is a small little beach club located 20 minutes away from St. Tropez. It’s a very quiet beach club with a great menu card. The owners are super friendly! I really recommend this place if you want a chill day at the beach!

- Le 1051: Beach club located on the famous Pampelonne beach. It is quite new and really worth it. The restaurant is great as well. Quiet place, however, you do hear the music from the beach club next door! I recommend you to take the antipasti as a starter — it’s delicious!

- Club 55: One of the most famous and hype beach clubs in St. Tropez. It is also located on the Pampelonne beach. It is usually very crowded and this is probably where you will have most chances to see a famous person!

- Nikki Beach: Party beach club! Nikki Beach on Pampelonne is a great place to go if you want to party. The restaurant is great as well. There is access to the beach, however most people stay by the pool. Definitely book if there is a special DJ coming or if you intend to go on the weekends.

- Couleurs Jardin: located in Gigaro, it is located next to the beach, giving you an amazing view!

- Chez Marius: located right under Couleurs Jardins. Here you can eat with your feet in the sand (ask for a table on the sand) — reserve in advance!

- La Petite Plage: is located on the port of St. Tropez. It is a pretty hype place to eat at, especially for dinner. This place is usually packed, so reserve in advance if you want to eat here. They do 2 services. We went at 19h, however they do tend to pressure you out by 22.30 for the next service. This is also when the music starts getting louder. It’s a great place for a good scenery, delicious food and a little bit of party!

- La forge: Really one of my favorite restaurant to go to. It’s a delicious Italian restaurant in Ramatuelle! It has a beautiful view. I would advise you to eat on the terrace, take a little coat as it does tend to get a little windy. They do have blankets just in case you forget to take one. You will need to reserve in advance. Take the crunchy egg as a starter — it’s amazing!

- Napoleon: a new discovery located in the center of St. Tropez. The ambiance is great and so is the service and the food. There is no terrace but the restaurant has AC making it cool and comfortable. A must is to take the soufflé as the desert — it’s the best I have eaten! Reserve in advance!

-Lily of the valley: This is a new hotel which recently opened and it is beautiful! We just went for diner and I can only recommend it! The view are simply amazing.

These are my top favorite places to go when I go on vacation around St. Tropez. Every year we discover new places, but having been there just a few days ago, this is my 2019 list. Give me tips in the comments if you have other places to recommend -- I love to try new places!




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