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What's the plan?

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Our adventure is starting soon, but what are we going to do?

We will be leaving for 6 months and a half in total, of which 4 and a half will be spent in Australia and 2 months will be spent travelling around Asia.

So let's start with the start. We are flying from Luxembourg to Munich to Singapore and finally to Sydney. Luxembourg to Singapore will be the first part of the trip. Indeed, we decided to make a very brief stop of 3 days in Singapore in order to make it easier. Going to Australia from Europe is a long way: 21 hours of flight in total from Luxembourg, and this does not include the layover time. Separating the trip into two parts really makes it easier and less tiring, and the plus is: This DOESN'T make the flights more expensive if you use multi-stop destinations.

As we are flying with Singapore Airlines, we chose Singapore as our stop, however, Singapore is one of the most expensive countries to visit in Asia, so you could choose another stop if you are on a tight budget. A budget trip to Singapore is around 80-100$ per day, which compared to other countries in Asia is pretty expensive. However, Singapore is beautiful and should definitely be on your list of countries to visit. I will do a separate blog post later to explain our specific plans in Singapore once everything is booked.  

From Singapore we will then be flying to Sydney. We chose Sydney as our base city in Australia to start with because of the many beautiful things we heard about it but also because of its apparent facility to find jobs. In order to travel we need to work and make money. Of course we have savings, however these will not be enough to travel around for 6 months -- working is therefore essential, especially if you want to make it great! Our plan is to start off there but to be flexible to move in case we find a job elsewhere in Australia. We decided to book the first week in a hostel rather than an airbnb in order to meet people there. Really, we don't know anyone in Sydney and hostels are a great way to connect and meet new people who are doing the same things as you.

We would like to work minimum three months and take the rest of the time we have in Australia to visit around in a camper van. Unfortunately, it will not be enough to visit all of Australia, we will do as much as possible, however, there are some itineraries which are definitely on our list: A road trip starting from Cairns to Sydney (the east coast and the gold coast) and also a road trip from Sydney all the way to Port Campbell.

Finally, the end of our trip will consist of traveling in Asia. Again, we have no fixed plans yet, but the countries we would like to visit are Indonesia (Bali, Gili Islands), Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodge, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand. Of course, if we have more time and money, we will do as much as we can discover.

This is a general overview of what we are planning to do -- follow the blog for posts about the individual advancements of the trip and instagram for pictures of the trips. I will share with you all the tips I have :)




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