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Why this blog?

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

I was never too involved on social media. Posting pictures only occasionally and scrolling down to see what others were up to, but when we decided to take on this amazing travel adventure, I told myself "why not"? Why not share it with the people that I love, but also with people that are genuinely interested in discovering new places around the world.

My goal is to inspire but also to help people to travel.

I was always very inspired by looking at other travel blogs and instagram pages. Following the travel journey of other people and basing my trips on what they shared. In addition, when we were starting to plan our amazing Australia/Asia trip, we had no idea what to do and where to look at. We needed more information, more tips from people that have done this before us! And although there are many amazing blogs out there that do give great tips, I found that there was place for more -- and so I decided to go for it.

Also, it was a way to let all my family and friends follow our trip. Once it will start, we will post on the Our Trip page of the blog and people will be able to follow our journey, see what we are up to!

So don't hesitate to subscribe to follow our trip which will start very soon (the packing has started), if you want tips about the locations we go to, or if you are looking to be inspired for your next trip! Follow us on Instagram for more visuals :) 

If you have any feedback, we are always open to hear them so contact us or comment ;)




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